Monday, 26 March 2007

Rat race

I have been so busy with my last year semester coursework. I dont even want to see another textbook for a long time!. It one after the other, no rest and there's work - shift work. The nightshift is not so bad, at least i get to type out my ideas in relation to my coursework when things are quiet. But the dayshift, you have to look smart and totally busy and as the only girl in my department you can be sure that whatever i am doing all of a sudden of great importance. Once i am done with these coursework i will be up to date and can start updating. Blogs i always have to check out everyday includes - order of obsession:

Couture et Tricot (best of sewing)
Hooks & Needles (with style and skill)
Diary of a sewing fanatic (inspiring)
Bellanaija (ebony mag = )
Naijagal (girl with all gist)
drastic measures (getting quiet)


Tany said...

Hi Evenstar!
I want to thank you for mentioning my blog among your favorites, I feel honoured! Also I know what is like to study and work at the same time, I did my university course while working on a day job. It's hard work but it pays in the end! I wish you the very best,
Hugs from Portugal,

Tany said...

Hi Evenstar, about the magazine, if you mean the Patrones Mag I can get one for you as soon as it is on sale. The 02/2007 BWOF Mag isn't on sale anymore. Just let me know: tany0471 at sapo dot pt