Thursday, 11 June 2009

MSB summer & spring issue

This is to my japanese pattern lovers , i am looking for the pattern for two designs from the 2009 spring and summer issue. please help me here if you can. I have not been able to get my hands on the magazine for awhile now, so any help from my fellow Mrs stylebook buddies would be a great help.
pattern one-piece P.206 the second one is from the
spring issue p.169 kind of mustard shirt.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Night before the show ... totally knackered!

I left home as early as 6am before the environmental sanitation thingy starts to avoid delays and traffic. Got to the studio in time to work on the last and 10th dress, which was the knit top and ankara bottom dress. My seamstress and i butched up the first attempt, as its always a nightmare to remove stictches from knits, so you get it right the first time or picking the seam could cause rips and holes in the fabric. And here is also a clip of one of the dancers towards the end of the show...(dont know the name).
Now we are packed and ready for the show, all the cloths are irons and complete with belts, buttons, hook & eye etc


Then came the pattern drafting, cutting of toile and sewing. Since i was the last designer to join the show i only had a month to put together my collection for the fashion show. I changed my designs so many times first outing. Its not easy putting yourself out there knowing that you are going to be criticised and your designs commented upon.

I have always thought about a different way of designing using other fabrics than tafetta and raw silk and cotton. Since i love knit - jersey (stretch fabric) i came up with a couple of designs or rather innovative ways of incorporating both fabric. Infact this two designs were applauded on the catwalk. The black top bit is knit fabric and the bottom is cotton ankara. The second design is knit and the motifs is from ankara with silver embroidery. I will post the actual picture off the runway as soon as i get hold of them.

Models! Models! 2

here is Jumoke and this girl knows how to strut her stuff, she is a trooper, with all the rushing and panic, she kept her cool. Always on short she is the ideal model.

The other picture is of Dorothy, also a trooper and soft spoken... i was lucky to have them assigned to me.

Models! Models!

Skinny women are the devil! Ok so now the organisers are providing the designers with models share amongst 2-3 designers on the day. Well, i met mine ...and they were...lovely girls...skinny, long...but babes! and they were sweet girls. ok my first model was sharon, very lovely girl with a great stride.
The second girl is Joy.

Sketching ideas

Had to get down and busy with fashion illustration to get a clear idea of my theme. I thought about designing as if i was designing for the woman of the hour 'Mrs O' . Michelle Obama has made simplicity very fashionable, with shift dresses and colours to boot!

Fashion & Style Digest 2009 Ankara Fashion show

I took part in Fashion & Style Digest 2009 Ankara Fashion show on the 31st of June. I am going to document with pictures my preparation and end result, plus the newpaper and media publications as i get my hands on them.

Applying to the show organiser

I saw the ad in the city people magazine by chance as i reading a friends copy of city people. It happened to be the last day of application, but i was lucky enough to be accepted.

Then comes the shopping for Ankara to use. I went straight to Lagos market (Idumota) and couldnt find anything. Thought about going for Vlisco but at NGN13,500 -NGN 15,000 a pop, and i need to produce 10 outfit for the show. Finally i got a some from Oshodi market and was quite pleased.