Monday, 2 April 2007

Back on a roll!

Ok, i have recently been obsessed with tailoring - at the least mastering couture tailoring for active use in the industry as i am about to embark on my own business, so i thought it will be an excellent idea to brush up on the necessary skills.

While i was looking for help in this area i came across Terry Fox's DVDs on tailoring - although i think the woman talks too much - she was excellent. I have had a quick run through of the DVD and it was excellent. They were long enough to actually get the whole process. Unlike those tutorials that cover so little and charge expensively.

This DVD are a God send, because they are so good and i bet she was wearing the ones she made herself. Her collection can be seen in Harrods. She is so upbeat about it, you can tell she enjoys what she is doing. the first DVD is over an hour and the second one was about 2 hours plus. A good bargain. She doesn't look gloomy like the old sewing videos i have seen before. Its 21st century up to date with fashion type of a woman.


Tany said...

The subject of tailoring interests me too. Thank you for this review

Abi said...

The Terry Fox videos/DVD are exceptional value, for the content.I have had the videos for about nine years and still refer to the content.She is a bit chatty , but worth the effort it takes.