Sunday, 27 May 2007

Sober by Tshepo Mafokwane

Anita Tshibangu


African Fashion designers

I have been looking through some african designers and here are some i would like to share - from various countries like burundi, south africa, uganda etc
Zhinle Nkosi - South Africa

Saturday, 26 May 2007

And for the one Principle Item that i could definitely have paid, doesn't appear to be on sale,(although i wouldn't pay for it if i can make it myself). This has been one of my biggest problems, I find it very hard to pay for clothes that i can draft, design and sew - so much so that i barely buy my clothes. The downside of this is that i don't get that much time to sew as i would love to. But now i am beginning to make more time, now that my university years are behind me.

I have been checking out what will be the trend this summer without much effort, but yet very comfortable and still sexy. I was looking through the principles Noveau collection and stumbled across the MAXI trend. In Nigeria this has always been the trend for a dress down/ casual. So,i am thinking of making a number of this maxi skirts for the summer, probably unlined or with muslin type weight cotton lining.

My second project will be this wrap blouse that was also in the BWOF may 2007. I think this is one of those designs that really suits a person with a bit of bust - looks very flattering with the wide neckline. I will be using linen and preferably in Ecru or white.

Friday, 25 May 2007

As i have been planning my collection, there are styles and designs that i long for. Therefore, i have decided to make myself a set of new wardrobe inspired by Africa. I will be using a combination of African fabrics, linen, cotton and jersey (stretch fabric). My first project will be the Dress123 that was in Burda 05/2007

For this style i will be using the fabric below and a solid colour
for the belt.

For the finish, i will be using the
*Hong Kong finish,
*Cotton lining,
*invisible zip, and a
*Satin bias strip for the arm and neckline.