Monday, 15 October 2007

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Well, this a temporary different direction for me in certain areas. I am going to be using Jersey fabrics as my clothes are getting too big since i have been on the VLCD (lipotrim) diet now. I don't think its advisable to sew using wool, and other expensive fabrics knowing that i may not be able to wear them in a couple of weeks. Think about the wasted time drafting patterns, cutting and sewing. But with Stretch, i can still wear it while i drop two dress sizes before its need adjusting...
So i am going to be making dresses, skirts and tops with stretch fabrics, and for my leisure wear i am still going to use African fabrics.

Friday, 24 August 2007

I am back!!

hi to all, i know i have been away for awhile. Well, lets see... took the time to finish and graduate. Well i have finally registered and due to start, at thesame time i am still working full time. But before that takes off, i'm currently working on my collection. I have been sketching like crazy and sourcing around for the right fabrics. The problem at the moment with fabrics for me is the fact that my speciality is with African fabrics or at least a mixture...
To get the Ankaras (African wax print) with nice and colourful its hard to find in the UK, even Nigerians in the UK are looking for the digital printed ones. So i have to contract that out to someone and before i confirm the ones that are in my colour scheme ( it takes forever!!) unless i travel down myself - but that increases my cost/expenses. Now! whatelse have i been up to - yes! being mommy. My daughter is a handful, its like having another pair of eyes at the back my head to catch up! that girl is everywhere - so i have taken time out to be mommy! but i have managed to workout the multi-tasking work, dream, family, blog... i think i'll cope.

Friday, 15 June 2007


Well this is not fashion or sewing related, but its very important to me that i acknowledge and in my own way show some kind of appreciation to the family of Ruth Bell Graham for heeding the calling of God, Billy Graham's wife who died yesterday at the age of 87. She was married to Billy Graham for 65 years, now that is a record for todays folks! I pray the Lord will grant her husband comfort and console her children and the whole family.
After 65 years, its hard to see each other part or one without the other, but what a friend we have in Jesus. I thank God for such a long, fruitful and generous life, they have seen millions of people through to salvation. I can't get that number out of my head - 65! Well, i guess i've got 55 to go then, i intend to beat this...God help me!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Naija Fashion Video

Here is a Nigerian Fashion show held at a consulate, the work on those garment must take a lot of time. Good work!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Chloe Dao - Winner of Project Runway 2

I have just checked Chloe Dao's collection and they were great. I like the fact that she mixes common sense with her designs. Personally, i cannot stand when i see designs, that you just know no one will be caught dead in it. They call it abstract, but what is the point, you can't wear it, so why spend so much time making them. Any Wuh!! i have included a couple of pictures of her design, and her website is very nice and easy to surf around...

I have been staring at the pictures of her spring collection, the short dress, are those dry lace - Naijarians will know what i mean by that... let me know what you think, they look like dry lace to me, if they truly are...she's mixed it well into collection.

Tom Abang Saufi

This is a woman with many talents, but she still manages to keep it real. She may not be famous in Europe and US, she is based in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. She works with Batiks and her style is just so fluid, its freedom. I love looking at her designs and the delicate details on them. I have not been privileged yet to own any of designs but i am looking, since she is not solely based in the UK, her line is not readily available here.

She is a very beautiful woman and one thing i have noticed about her is the way she adds elegance to her designs. I just love her. She studied fashion at... none other...London College of Fashion in UK, i think in the late 80s.
I missed an exhibition or seminar she did at the Malaysian consulate (somewhere like that) some months ago, but i am still hoping she will be in the UK again and ...soon.
I know i have been showcasing African designs but then she has been one of my inspirations and i would like others to know i find her very inspiring. here are a few of her designs:

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Mrs. Stylebook

Here are a few images of projects that i will be tackling in the coming weeks, especially now that i only have one more assignment till the end of my degree. Hurrahhh!! And then it will be sewing and going to work and the baby, but at least i have more time for sewing now. So i am going on a leap here by clearing my wardrobe of clothes that i haven't worn in over a year and am going to start going through my heap of fabric stash. The thing about Mrs. Stylebook is that once the pattern has been made, i keep them in a transparent A4 pockets with closure, because i tell you right now as much as i enjoyed drafting them i wouldn't want to be drafting the same thing all over again.

My first stab at Mrs Stylebook

I have been collecting quite a number of Mrs Stylebook sewing magazine, its the japanese one which is based on using your own pattern block. The adjustments needed to create a style is shown in miniature size. I actually found sewing this blouse very interesting, from drafting to garment construction, and now i am high on it! I took some pictures of the block drafting using the instruction given by Liana (sewintriguing), but i also drafted one using the magazine instruction and it was perfect. OK, this is the blouse i chose to start with:

This was drafting the main block using my own measurements. The sloper made is without darts, but depending on the style of what you are making the instruction shows you if there is a dart or not.

Transfered the block onto another paper, and checked the measurements for any necessary adjustments to be made.

This is after manipulating the block to create the design of the puffed sleeve blouse.

This is the sleeve, which is then traced onto another paper to get the exact size and style of the puffs to be gathered to give volume to the sleeve.

I have chosen a combination of fabric - Black linen and a red print of black cotton for the skirt (pencil skirt).

This is the neckline, the curve was a little tricky but got it in the end. Tany! what do you think?

And the puff sleeve.

Whalla!!! final product. I am proud, even if i do say so myself!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

More African Designs

Here are some images of African designs, mostly by South African, Ghanian.n I have found these designs very inspiring and encouraging. Also, there is SIKA, a label by a British Ghanian who hasn't forgotten home. I find her designs very simple which is wearable by anyone and with each design having its own individual character, it makes accessorising appealing.

Designs by Phyllis Taylor
I am featuring a new designer, Phyllis Taylor whose label SIKA - i think is really great. Her designs are not so busy, they are chic, classy and yet so now. So you can afford to dress in line with the trend the African way. here are some of her designs.... please visit her site.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Sober by Tshepo Mafokwane