Monday, 12 March 2007

New Career, New Image - Day 1

Since i am going to be diving into a new career, i think it is only prudent PR planning to make some attempt on myself before doing so on others. Therefore, i am going for a bit of image adjustment, nothing plastic, just a bit of weight loss, wardrobe change, stuff like that. since the most difficult for years for me has been weight loss, that the area i am going to tackle first. Not sure exactly what kind of diet to follow, as i have tried the lipotrim, SCF christian control diet is a guide i am going to continue using. And then I've got to get back to the Gym and using my Taebo tapes again.
The Fashion business is a fickle business, so although we say its all vanity. Well, looking good has never done any harm - em!! debatable!
The Lipotrim consists of 30 food packets and you have one each for your meal, when i did it , my first week i lost almost 9lbs and i looked great. Then, i travelled to Naija on family holiday and kaput!! Everywhere we went they have prepared food and this diet only way is no food, just your shake powders. Before i could say - controlled diet - 9lbs+ was riding back on my thighs.
check out the video -weightloss, its encouraging...,,20004741_20004362_20004361,00.html

I mean way to go Janet Jackson - if i could get to look something like that in 3 -4 months - then people i have arrived! I mean from this to this, you work it out, so image change must work especially if looking good is imperative to your work. An d it is in the case of going into fashion.

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