Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Fashion illustration

Illustration has always been a process of fashion design that is quite essential by todays standard. And i find it very useful and also professional, especially when the need to present portfolio arises. I did an intensive course at LARC and made sure i went through the art of fashion illustration, sketching the conventional way, but now - Thank God for technology. I got hold of the book 'From pencil to Pen tool' By Jemi Armstrong to learn this. You will require Photoshop, pentool etc.
I think its a very valuable skill to have inorder to develop one of a-kind design. I am sure any fashion design student or ever dressmaker would agree with me that sometimes you have this mage in your head, but i guarantee that this is such an easier way to get it on paper or to convey it. I am just learning it anyway - but i am able to apply my moodboard or generate my themes inline with the designs. Will post up what i come up with in future!


Tany said...

It seems a very interesting book! Thanks for the review!

ibeananabart said...

This is interesting, getting to realize how technology aids our art.

Please feel free to visit my blog
and look through my fashion art series i titled "SELENSE" - Celebrating today's contempoary lady and her fashion sense.

Some images were sketched with ball point pen and some were done with markers, then I coloured in photoshop.

Enjoy your view.

Ibe Ananaba
Lagos, Nigeria