Wednesday, 21 March 2007

They arrived today!!

Well, i got my corsetry kit in the post this morning. I didnt order any fabric with it, since i have a tonne of fabrics - no need for that. So, i got the simplicity pattern, plus all the bits, washers, eyelets, busk etc...
I haven't decided on fabric to use, but i think i will use calico first and once i get the garment construction right, and they have to be right. I kind of have something for corset, so i am thinking maybe my first official collection corsetry might be the main feature. But the problem which i know seem to have a solution for is that i have no clue as to making one. But i got hold of a place online and ordered the DVD of how to make one and the kit to try one out. Anyone with major interest in corsetry please give me points!!!

Just look at that craftsmanship, perfect!! I am going to order the homepro package as well, soon!!


Tany said...

Wonderful! I know someone who is doing something similar, it's Tini at! She has a link at the sidebar to her corset project.

Maria said...

Its Blog is pretty.
How many wonderful things. Congratulations.
It comes to visit me.