Thursday, 30 July 2009

CP Fashion & Style Digest July/Aug 2009 - My outfit is on the cover!!!!!!!

Finally, the publication City people Fashion & Style Digest, they organised the City people 2009 Ankara Fashion show - is out. And, guess what! one of my outfits is on the cover. The one thing that kind of like spoiled the moment for me was the fact that they printed my label name wrong. On one page is was written correctly 'DIEKO' and on the other page it says 'DIERO'. I mean we waited almost 2 months for the show coverage in the magazine and then it comes out wrong. I am trying to get the label out there and they kind of almost defeated that main purpose.

I will scan the articles from both magazines for your viewing pleasure.

cool top

cool jacket

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Busy Busy!

Sorry i have not been able to upload more images from the fashion show. A couple of weeks ago i got a contract to make a large number of outfits using african wax prints for export. I Thought it was going to be quite easy but, boy was i is a lot of work. There were quite a number of designs that just weren't practical to make on a large scale - cost of production increases. I am due to complete the whole contract but already completed outfits are already being sold.
I will put the pictures up maybe anyone looking to make something similar can contact me...