Friday, 24 August 2007

I am back!!

hi to all, i know i have been away for awhile. Well, lets see... took the time to finish and graduate. Well i have finally registered and due to start, at thesame time i am still working full time. But before that takes off, i'm currently working on my collection. I have been sketching like crazy and sourcing around for the right fabrics. The problem at the moment with fabrics for me is the fact that my speciality is with African fabrics or at least a mixture...
To get the Ankaras (African wax print) with nice and colourful its hard to find in the UK, even Nigerians in the UK are looking for the digital printed ones. So i have to contract that out to someone and before i confirm the ones that are in my colour scheme ( it takes forever!!) unless i travel down myself - but that increases my cost/expenses. Now! whatelse have i been up to - yes! being mommy. My daughter is a handful, its like having another pair of eyes at the back my head to catch up! that girl is everywhere - so i have taken time out to be mommy! but i have managed to workout the multi-tasking work, dream, family, blog... i think i'll cope.