Sunday, 8 April 2007

Books and Tutorial medias Wish List

As i am learning about corsetry at the moment and i will be posting up the outcome, but i intend to make use of the skills learnt in my startup(SU). I am learning it using the corsetry DVD by laughing moon and its great, over an hours worth, i am also using the kit that comes with the simplicity 9676 - check my topic 'they've arrived' to see the kit. I have been advised to get the beginners book also by Linda Sparks. So here are a list of some of the things pertaining to sewing that i still want to get.


The Basics of Corset Building
Although, i have not been able to review the book, most blogs and journals that i have read swear by it, as the best book for beginners to use on its own or in conjunction with the DVD from Laughing moon.

Boned Bodice Home Workshop (Manual Only)Written by Terry Fox and containing the inside secrets of a her couture technique of boned bodice construction. A fully illustrated manual guides you through the process. (Book Only)
Making Beautiful Bras - book and video, plus Making Beautiful Swimwear book
Price: $110.00
Making Beautiful Bras - the book. It is 202 pages in length, contains 282 monochrome diagrams and 3 pages of colour plates. It has a wire bound spine so that it may be folded back onto itself, using a minimum of space next to your sewing machine.

A detailed comprehensive instructional video covering a mutlitude of bra-making techniques - from drafting your individual bra pattern to professional finishing techniques. The video is available in NTFS format for the American continent and PAL format for the Australasian and European areas. Making Beautiful Swimwear - The book. A 140 page textbook that explains how to draft the pattern of, and construct a perfectly-fitting, fully-lined structured one-piece swimsuit and a structured bikini bra.

The Entrepreneur's guide to sewn product manufacturing by
Kathleen Fasanella.
There is so much ranting and raving about this book that i am looking for it now. I am trying to avoid having to order it fromt the states to avoid the high cost of shipping, but still looking. I think it may be just the book to read to give me more insight into SU.
And, she does have quite a following, check her blog/site

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katsai said...

Hiya Evenstar!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to leave some great advice, its really much appreciated!
It also means i found my way back to your blog... which has gone straight to my Technorati favourites ;P !! So, I'll be back, hehe ;P

You highlight some really interesting books too, espeically this last one for "Entrepreneurs"... may just be joining you in the hunt ;P Thanks again!