Thursday, 7 June 2007

My first stab at Mrs Stylebook

I have been collecting quite a number of Mrs Stylebook sewing magazine, its the japanese one which is based on using your own pattern block. The adjustments needed to create a style is shown in miniature size. I actually found sewing this blouse very interesting, from drafting to garment construction, and now i am high on it! I took some pictures of the block drafting using the instruction given by Liana (sewintriguing), but i also drafted one using the magazine instruction and it was perfect. OK, this is the blouse i chose to start with:

This was drafting the main block using my own measurements. The sloper made is without darts, but depending on the style of what you are making the instruction shows you if there is a dart or not.

Transfered the block onto another paper, and checked the measurements for any necessary adjustments to be made.

This is after manipulating the block to create the design of the puffed sleeve blouse.

This is the sleeve, which is then traced onto another paper to get the exact size and style of the puffs to be gathered to give volume to the sleeve.

I have chosen a combination of fabric - Black linen and a red print of black cotton for the skirt (pencil skirt).

This is the neckline, the curve was a little tricky but got it in the end. Tany! what do you think?

And the puff sleeve.

Whalla!!! final product. I am proud, even if i do say so myself!!


Tany said...

It's GREAT!!!! Wow! I must get those Mrs Stylebook mags for myself, they look awesome! And you did a wonderful job, be proud!

BelleNoelle said...

Thanks for the comment. It has steered me to your wonderful blog as well. I wonder where I can these Mrs Stylebook mags in the US?!!!

Sew Shy said...

Great job! I know this is coming half a year later, but I just now found your blog via Tany's blog. It's great to have found another Naija babe!