Thursday, 6 September 2007


Well, this a temporary different direction for me in certain areas. I am going to be using Jersey fabrics as my clothes are getting too big since i have been on the VLCD (lipotrim) diet now. I don't think its advisable to sew using wool, and other expensive fabrics knowing that i may not be able to wear them in a couple of weeks. Think about the wasted time drafting patterns, cutting and sewing. But with Stretch, i can still wear it while i drop two dress sizes before its need adjusting...
So i am going to be making dresses, skirts and tops with stretch fabrics, and for my leisure wear i am still going to use African fabrics.


bellenoelle said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see the new stuff. You know, even though everyone tells me it's easier to work with, I've always been intimidated by stretch fabrics. Weird, I know!

Geek Sewing said...

I would love to provide you with the schematics--but how about an email address where I can send the jpeg file?

You can reach me at geeksewingatgmaildotcom.

LOL. I too have one issue missing in my 2005 collection of MSB. I'll let you know if I find an online store who can help us complete our collections.

Nice to have you back! I'm looking forward to your drafted pieces.