Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Then came the pattern drafting, cutting of toile and sewing. Since i was the last designer to join the show i only had a month to put together my collection for the fashion show. I changed my designs so many times ...er...my first outing. Its not easy putting yourself out there knowing that you are going to be criticised and your designs commented upon.

I have always thought about a different way of designing using other fabrics than tafetta and raw silk and cotton. Since i love knit - jersey (stretch fabric) i came up with a couple of designs or rather innovative ways of incorporating both fabric. Infact this two designs were applauded on the catwalk. The black top bit is knit fabric and the bottom is cotton ankara. The second design is knit and the motifs is from ankara with silver embroidery. I will post the actual picture off the runway as soon as i get hold of them.

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