Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fashion & Style Digest 2009 Ankara Fashion show

I took part in Fashion & Style Digest 2009 Ankara Fashion show on the 31st of June. I am going to document with pictures my preparation and end result, plus the newpaper and media publications as i get my hands on them.

Applying to the show organiser

I saw the ad in the city people magazine by chance as i reading a friends copy of city people. It happened to be the last day of application, but i was lucky enough to be accepted.

Then comes the shopping for Ankara to use. I went straight to Lagos market (Idumota) and couldnt find anything. Thought about going for Vlisco but at NGN13,500 -NGN 15,000 a pop, and i need to produce 10 outfit for the show. Finally i got a some from Oshodi market and was quite pleased.

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