Thursday, 30 July 2009

CP Fashion & Style Digest July/Aug 2009 - My outfit is on the cover!!!!!!!

Finally, the publication City people Fashion & Style Digest, they organised the City people 2009 Ankara Fashion show - is out. And, guess what! one of my outfits is on the cover. The one thing that kind of like spoiled the moment for me was the fact that they printed my label name wrong. On one page is was written correctly 'DIEKO' and on the other page it says 'DIERO'. I mean we waited almost 2 months for the show coverage in the magazine and then it comes out wrong. I am trying to get the label out there and they kind of almost defeated that main purpose.

I will scan the articles from both magazines for your viewing pleasure.


Nan said...

I actually found your blog after watching the 2009 Ankara Fashion Show on Quest TV on AIT. Interesting stuff. Good job!

Evenstar said...

oh my thank you so much. with the mistakes make pronouncing the label name, its a miracle you found my blog. You just made my day. Are you in nigeria? i will put up the pictures - just for you. Please visit as i will be updating the site with my RTW. Thanks